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Fraud Prevention Policy

Measures to prevent fraud, which we use:

1. Obligatory registration of the client before payment.  
2. Mandatory indication of Surname and name of cardholder.  
3. Indication of phone number during registration.
4. Customer support (possibility to get free consultation before payment).
5. 3D-Secure technology.
6. Entering card data for payment directly on the Payment system website - we don’t collect or store client’s payment information.  
7. Public contract with the client is posted on the site in the public domain.  
8. All payments are made in company's database, which contains name of the client, his contact details (email, phone), amount of transaction, name of paid service.
9. Selective communication with customers for the preparation of feedback on the service provider.
10. Client receives his unique code after purchase by e-mail specified during registration, as well as the key data will be displayed in Personal account on the site StimZone